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Hello everyone, it's been way too long since i visited DeviantArt but i wasn't wasting my time lately.
Meanwhile my life was flipped upside down, girlfriend out, passion for art in, for better or worse time to get busy.
So what's new in my art life?
I decided to move into High Fashion Photography, since i live in Chicago second best place to work in fashion industry right after New York i decided to take a stab at it.
Now mind you High Fashion is my goal, i'm still at the starting point but i think i'm moving in right direction.
I'm starting with amateurs and moving towards more experienced models as time goes on.
I hope everyone will enjoy my journey as much as i'm enjoying it.
It's been a while since i posted but i'm back with a new projet.  So i would like to say good bye to Street Fighter project and say hello to my new adventures in Horror land.

The story is about a demon who deserted satans army, defected to earth and waging war on the army of darkness.
While on earth demon hides his identity by posesing a human body of a willing human and reveals his true identity only during the fight with another equaly powerfull entity.
The fight can't be accomplished all alone so he's training humans in the arts of dark magic and fight agains darkenss.

The goal is to turn this idea into short movies, where in each episode demon takes on a new apprentice and trains him for the fight.

For now i'm just experimenting with software and setting up the workflow.

Still trying to decide on the direction, style and look but meanwhile enjoy my test videos.……
Hi everyone, it's been a while since i posted here (I’ve been slacking off and had no inspiration to continue my work but now there is new flame of hope burning inside of me and is dying to create new Guile art.

First i would like to introduce to you a talented artist David Schultz
who created a Guile rap song titled "Feel my Pain".…
After listening to the song i got so inspired that i decided to collaborate with him and offered him to create a CD cover.

I’m still in early stages of planning those that would like to contribute and give me CD cover ideas I would greatly appreciate.

Sonic Boom.
Hello to all the Deviants, it's been few months since i posted anything but some things needed to be accomplished before i can continue with my Guile project.

I'm working on introducing Chun-Li (my fiancé) to the mix but to do that i needed a costume for her.  I had a vision of what that costume should consist of, fabric, texture, design, ect.  I've looked at lot of Cosplay costumes of Chun-Li over the web and what they all have in common they all look cheap.  
What i was looking for was sense of authenticity, what i mean by that "real" street fighter outfit shouldn't be made out of silk like in Chun-Li case but out of more durable material.  What i had in mind was a fabric used on Judo jackets it's a heavy cotton fabric that can withstand lots of pulling tugging and such.  One of the tailors that i talk to said the costume will look like a mail bag, but i don't agree.  If the costume execution is of high quality the costume will look like it supposed to, it might not confirm to the body the way silk does but it will add another feel to it and that's the feel I'm looking for.
Long story short after months of researching and talking to different tailors in states and abroad i had no success.  So i had to compromise, what i did i went to China town in Chicago in search for "Choeng Sam" (it's a Chinese dress).  I bought few of them which i will take to the seamstress for adjustment and fitting.  So i hope the dress will be ready in a week or so.
Mean while i will try to do some tricky low light pic of Chun-Li to keep the project going.
Thank you guys and stay tuned.
Hi everyone.  Since I started my Guile project I was thinking on where I can take this.  I came to conclusion that turning all these images into a comic book would be a good idea.  The promise of the book would be Guiles story of where he came from and how he ended up in Street Fighter.
If anyone would like to help with ideas for the story I'm open to suggestion.
I've been working on Guile for a while now and I feel bad that I haven't produced anything for my fiancé Joannah.  So now it's my chance to redeem myself.
Guile - Me
Chun Li - Joannah
Country:  Philippines
Island 1: Boracay
Island 2: Apulit near Palawan at Club Noah Resort

The pictures are from our trip to her birth country Philippines where i proposed.  If anyone will have a chance to go there you won't be disappointed.

Stay tuned.
Peter suggested for Guile to fight Gambit and that gave me an idea to actually put together Gambit outfit.  I've collected reference pictures of Gambit and I went out on my first scavenge hunt for a coat that Gambit would wear.  I will check thrift stores since I don't won't to spend too much money.  The selection at thrift store was minimal so no luck there.  I might have to go to Chicago area thrift stores they might have better selection.
Still looking for the next character that Guile will face.